Finding Focus

Despite my best intentions, my work on this blog has been non-existent.  My son went through an amazingly challenging year with the school system and we are just now getting to the point where we are finding our footing again.  Now that things are getting back into a better rhythm my intention is to start incorporating this blog into my daily routine.

The one thing I learned this year was just how lost in the system families on the spectrum can become.  I know the system and work in it and yet still I found myself desperately trying to seek a safe harbor.  There are issues with “grey zones” where people despite their best efforts cannot get the help they need.  One project I will be working on is the development of a book for parents and teachers on ABA Therapy.  The book will focus on explaining what the therapist does and ways to support the therapist.  It will also have a section to help those who cannot get treatment in their area develop a plan they can do independently until things are improved.

The only exception to the effort to do a daily blog will be over Comic Con.  However, since I was unable to get babysitting for 2 of those days my son will be going with me!  This means I can talk about the services and things available at the event.


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